Is RV Storage Right For You?

Published on 8/25/2022

One of the most consistent pieces of advice most RV owners hear is to make sure that the vehicle is properly parked and stored during the offseason. Outside of general use and maintenance, this is one of the most important things most RV owners can and should consider.

Although there are a handful of different options available, most owners usually default to one of two options:

  1. Keep it at home

  2. Store it at a storage facility

Although many people prefer to keep their RV at home and close by, they may not have the space for it or simply want to clear up the space it’s occupying for other things. For these individuals, the answer is usually to opt for a storage facility.

Although we think that opting for professional storage is a great decision for anyone looking for more space at home, we’re also in the business of looking out for our customer’s best interests and saving them money when they can.

When thinking through storage options for an RV, one of the biggest things we ask our customers to really think about the space available.

  1. Is there a place that keeps your RV dry and protected from elements like a garage or awning at home?

  2. If so, are you ok with your RV taking up that space? Or do you have other visions for that space?

If the answer is “yes” to the first question, it’s important to price out how much you’ll spend on RV storage (for both unit size and length of time) rather than keeping it at home. Additionally, it’s important to ask yourself if what you plan on using the space for can be done elsewhere!

If it’s possible to keep it at home, we think that’s great and you should definitely do so and save the money! But if not, RV storage is a fantastic option that can help take away time, space, and stress.

Alpine Storage is here to help

At Alpine Storage, we’re always looking out for our customer’s best interests, and the questions we ask you here are the same questions we’d ask you if you visited our facility in Kalispell, MT. If you do invest in RV storage, we have a plethora of storage options available so that you can truly tailor your storage needs to your particular situation.

Our facility offers 24-hour and drive-up access and has onsite security and disc locks available, ensuring your experience with us is both convenient and secure! Check out our site or give us a call at (406) 755-0002 and see what options we have available for you!

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